Sourcing Services

It is our goal to provide simple solutions for our clients when buying and/or shipping from China. With that in mind, we are happy to offer services for multiple types of importers.

ecommerce-retailsFull Service Solution for E-Commerce & Retail – Guided Imports

Guided Imports is a service tailored towards helping businesses of all sizes optimize their offshore manufacturing. By acting as a third party service provider, Guided Imports assists importers with the entire process of sourcing, manufacturing and logistics using a fixed rate pricing model.

Guided Imports was designed with the e-commerce importer and seller in mind. By acting as a third party project management team and purchasing office, our flat rate pricing structures allow us to have no minimum order requirements, while maintaining to full scalability to grow with our importers as their orders increase, allowing for an easy transition in retail and mass distribution.

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shop-iconFull Service Solution for Retail – Procuu Intenational Sourcing

Our Full Service Solution for Retail is a service offering businesses a safe alternative for purchasing products in China. With a local team on the ground, we have the experience and the skills to find products, perform risk assessments on the factories, negotiate the price, and handle the logistics to get your order safely to your door. We are dedicated to giving a personal touch to each of our clients, offering a hands on experience, and creating a simple solution for all things China related.

Procuu International Sourcing is not for everyone. Due to high demand and availability constraints, we are forced to be selective in the clientele we bring on.

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