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Finding the appropriate forwarding company for your exporting and importing necessities can be a daunting task. A quick search can provide unlimited options, but only two probable solutions. The primary route is using unverifiable Chinese businesses that provide—in broken English–a low price; however, a key communication gap frequently goes along with their unreliable business practices. The second route involves a corporate styled forwarder who provides bells and whistles that you either cannot afford or do not need. Even though you can aquire excellent service with these companies, the charges come with multiple added fees which will eventually destroy your profit margins.

Procuu International’s sister company, Guided Imports began offering a freight forwarding option in China to continue providing our clients with an incredibly simple solution to have a supply chain fully managed. It is no surprise that our exceptional cargo management and freight services have garnered countless satisfied customers. Since we started out in this business, we have developed firm relationships with industry professionals in China. Therefore, we are proud to be teamed up with the most cost effective and qualified cargo managers to cater a service that provides the advantages of both the local cost-effective forwarders and the large corporate guys. Our freight forwarding service offers a solution to your once daunting search.

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