We Manufacture & Export Simply

  • Assisting businesses in all aspects of manufacturing, supplier identifying, quality control, consulting, and logistics.









































  • Shipping & Logistics

    Assisting you with exporting products out of China. A unique approach to providing shipping solutions for shipments of all sizes. Shipping simplicity at its finest.

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  • Full Service Solutions

    Guided Imports offers a full service solution for e-commerce businesses looking to scale operations. We handle all aspects of operations in Asia, so you can focus on building your business.

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  • Quality Control Services

    Offering both in-house and on the ground quality inspection services, we offer multiple solutions for importers to have the productions inspected, shipments checked, and quality assured.

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  • Consulting Services

    Planning on bringing operations to China? Thinking of outsourcing your manufacturing to Asia? New to sourcing and manufacturing? Our consulting services provide clients of all sizes tailored approaches to maximizing offshore manufacturing.

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The Procuu International Group

Innovative Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Logistic and Consulting

The Procuu International Group has positioned itself to offer strategic services throughout the manufacturing and import export industry in Asia. With goals to offer innovative ways to assist importers in all aspects of manufacturing and export, Procuu’s continuous rapid expansion defies traditional processes and offers services that modernize and automate the thousand year old industry.

Changing The Way You Handle Offshore Manufacturing







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